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Our Message of Support on COVID-19

If you have worked with us, you will know that the health, safety and wellbeing of our clients, our team and their families is core to our values. Going forward during this challenging period, we are committed to supporting those around us. As an organisation, our purpose is ‘Valuing people to create freedom of choice’, we will continue to live by this purpose - taking precautions using a rational risk management based approach.

WHS Responsibilities

As a PCBU, we all have a general requirement to eliminate risks to health and safety, and to minimise risks so far as reasonably practicable.  Keeping this framework in mind is in fact reassuring – use the same processes you have in place to manage other risks in your business in the same way. 


  • Conduct a risk assessment, considering your specific workplace/s and the latest information
  • Consider the mental health issues in your risk assessment
  • Consult, engage and communicate with your workers (including contractors) about the risk controls
  • Connect with your HR team as the controls may impact/be impacted by HR processes
  • Implement the controls, including health and hygiene practices
  • Keep up to date as best you can and review the risk assessment at least weekly

We may not get this 100% right, 100% of the time, but taking a risk management approach demonstrates our due diligence to minimise harm.

To limit the risks within our team, (both physical and mental) we are focusing on strong levels of clear communication and support, undertaking risk assessments on potential exposure and practicing high levels of hygiene. We will continue to monitor what is needed daily, as circumstances continue to change. We understand that the actions we take affect the broader community and this is not about individuals, it’s about taking action to look after all of us.

If you have any questions about COVID-19, this NSW Health covers a range of topics about protecting against Covid-19, work, university school & travel arrangements, home isolation, social distancing, bulk buying, pets and animals and where to find more information.

How SafetyWorks will continue to support our clients planned activities with us:

We will continue face-to-face work, after having undertaken a risk assessment: we will continue to adopt good hygiene practices, including limiting contact with others, no longer shaking hands and limiting the size of meeting groups.

  • We will offer alternate options to the delivery of planned services including:
    • Conducting meetings and workshops virtually using technologies including but not limited to:
      • Zoom, Skype, Microsoft teams, Slack
      • Conducting training sessions via webinars
      • Using your nominated document sharing sites or offering our own

How we can assist you to address current concerns about COVID-19 in your workplace:

  • Conduct risk assessments – facilitated face-to-face where appropriate, and/or online as needed.
  • Provide on-line training (via zoom; webinars - live or pre-recorded) on the steps to take to assist in managing staff health and wellbeing (including mental health concerns). Topics include how to undertake a risk assessment; handwashing practices; looking out for and respecting others and self-care.

Please see Safe Work Australia’s Advice for PCBU’s for general information on your responsibilities or call us for a confidential conversation.

Other ways we can provide support:

  • Where you have reduced staff availability, or additional safety and wellbeing requirements, SafetyWorks is able to support in-house staff across a wide range of areas including:

(All work can be undertaken via non face-to-face means if required)

  • System review and/or development (writing policies and procedures, undertaking consultation with employees etc.)
  • Investigations (critical incidents; near misses etc.)
  • Leadership and employee training programs – development, delivery and/or facilitation (customised to your organisation’s needs or existing programs you need support in delivering)
  • Coaching: one-to-one and/or team coaching

SafetyWorks team members are always available on the end of the phone if you or any of your team members need to ask questions or check in for any reason. You can contact us on 49253147 or admin@safetyworks.com.au.

Take care of yourself, and take care of each other…

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