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Building a Sustainable Safety & Wellbeing Culture Change Program

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 Our Recipe for Transformation

SafetyWorks have been providing relationship based Health and Safety Services to clients throughout the Asia Pacific region for over 20 years. Since our inception we have worked in partnership with our clients using two fundamentally distinct but overlapping client services; the first service focuses on traditional workplace health and safety systems, and the second service is related to engagement factors such as leadership and culture change.

During this time we have experienced many changes and this has allowed us to develop a disciplined and informed view of how to guide clients through change and subsequent performance improvement. With our experience as the backbone, the answer we have discovered, is a culture change framework – a recipe for transformation.

What is the SafetyWorks Safety & Wellbeing Culture Change Framework?

Our Safety & Wellbeing Culture Change Framework outlines the key steps in the change process and describes the key change principles to guide your organisation through the change you are seeking.

Download our Safety & Wellbeing  Culture Change Framework.

The framework has four distinct phases:

Phase 1 - Set up for Success

Phase 2 - Build the Foundation

Phase 3 - Engage for Change

Phase 4 - Get it to Stick & Keep it Growing

How is the Framework Used?

We use the framework in partnership with your key stakeholders to co-design specific elements unique to your organisation, working through each change phase sequentially. The framework informs the change process and signposts organisational progress through each phase.

What are the Advantages of the Framework?

Our Safety & Wellbeing Culture Change Framework:

  • Allows you to co-create your own new possibilities supported by SafetyWorks.
  • Is used to educate on the principles of sustainable change practices, referencing key change tools.
  • Assists you to understand key steps of the culture change process.
  • Is backed by credible principles and the process proven by research.
  • Provides the opportunity to measure and feedback on process progress
  • Assists in the development of alignment with, and trust in the process.


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