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Juggling in July

We’ve had a productive month so far at SafetyWorks!

July has been very productive and exciting for our team, with the commencement and progression of various client projects – it has left us wondering where the first half of the year went? What we have noticed is how many of the things we do have been able to be effectively converted into the “virtual” space.

Take a look here at our day in the life of the SWG team, what fun we have juggling our priorities!

This productive month had us thinking about ‘busyness vs productivity’. We took a moment to look at the difference. Here are seven tips to help you make the shift from ‘busy’ to ‘productive’.

  1. Productive people focus on clarity before action. Busy people focus on action… know and practice the difference.
  2. Have a clear long term mission or goal and be willing to share it with others.
  3. Move the ball a few inches closer to the goal every single day, put this into action by starting your day with a list of 3 actions that will move you closer towards your goal – complete these actions before opening your inbox!
  4. Keep your priorities small, if you have 3 priorities you have priorities, if you have 25 priorities - you have a mess.
  5. Stick to these priorities by saying no often and by taking your time before saying yes.
  6. Put your multi-tasking to the side and focus on deep work. Multi-tasking is the death of productivity
  7. Let your results do the talking, try to avoid the trap of focusing on and talking about how busy you are – this impedes productivity. Make the time for what is important instead of focusing on how little time you have.
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